junio 2, 2014

On The ‘Dia-Tekhnē • Dialogue Through Art’ Methodology (Alex Carrascosa for In Factis Pax Journal)

The ‘Dia-Tekhnē • Dialogue Through Art’ Methodology (And Correspondences With Other Large Group Facilitation Methods) The ‘Dia-Tekhnē • Dialogue through Art’ methodology is a technique for group facilitation which provides communication between different people by complementing logos —the word— with tekhnē —art—. Since its earliest experiment in Spring 2001, the ‘Dia-Tekhnē’ methodology has been developed…leer más

mayo 29, 2014


From the War Canvas to the Forest Tapestry in the military parades marking the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Colombia (Florencia – Caquetá, 20th July 2010): Around a military style canvas fabric and amidst the din of drums and cornets actors reflect on the manifestations of violence, be they cultural, structural or direct threats…leer más

julio 18, 2013

It is a matter of communication and participation in the values of the Life through the imagination, and Artworks are the most intimate and energetic means of helping individuals to participate in the arts of living (John Dewey, Art as Experience, 1934). The ‘Dia-Tekhnē • Dialogue through Art’ methodology provides communication between different people complementing the…leer más

enero 2, 2012

Artea demokratizatu Demokrazia eraikitzeko

Vos sos como un testigo, sos el que va al museo y mira los cuadros. Quiero decir que los cuadros están ahí y vos en el museo, cerca y lejos al mismo tiempo. Vos creés que estás en la pieza pero no estás. Vos estás mirando la pieza, no estás en la pieza (Julio Cortázar,…leer más